Sunday, December 2, 2012

Warrior Dash

Anyone here like to run?  Neither do I.  I hate running.  I tend to only run when I'm being chased.  However, I'm trying to get in some kind of shape & my hubby happens to enjoy running.  We run the occasional 5k, several that we are starting to do every year.  The local races, "Turkey Trot" (morning of Thanksgiving) and "Rudolph Run" (about 2 weeks before Christmas) are favorites.  We also like Warrior Dash.  We heard about it back in 2010, but by the time we knew about it, the tickets were sold out.  Not to mention it was only a few weeks before my wedding and I really didn't want to break anything.  So we started running it in 2011 and we ran it again this year.  It's a 5k full of obstacles.  A lot of runners take the race very seriously so I just get out of the way and slowly jog along.

In 2011, we ran it in Winchester, TN:

The van had on a homemade warrior helmet 

      My friends Christina & Jackie, post-race          They refurbish the nasty shoes and donate them

In 2012, we ran the race in Warrior, AL (and it was much more challenging):

Aaaaaand my pants fell down while I was crossing the finish line.

Next year we plan to run it in Mountain City, GA.

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