Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY Family Established Sign for Door

I've seen a lot of wreaths on Pinterest and I've been attracted to many of them.  I wanted one with a more personal touch and my parents had this "family established" sign on their door, indicating their anniversary - so I used this as inspiration.  So, with no real idea of what I wanted to do in mind, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby.

I've always loved those open-backed frames at Hobby Lobby.  I think their actual purpose is to frame a canvas painting or print, but I decided to base my project around one of these.  My choice was a narrow barnwood frame.

I ended up leaving with the frame, a foam board, some burlap fabric, some chipboard letters and numbers, a small bundle of artificial flowers (the same design that I used as aisle markers at my wedding), grapevine wire, and a wreath hanger.

Materials Used
Open backed frame (I used barnwood)
Foam Board
Burlap fabric
Chipboard letters and numbers
1 bundle of artificial flowers
Staple gun & staples
Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
Grapevine wire or twine or string or whatever method you prefer for hanging
Wreath hanger (mine is a copper magnetic hanger)

1.  Cut the foam board to fit the open back frame.  My frame was 18x11 so these would be your dimensions.  Cut it a little bit smaller as you are going to wrap the foam board with fabric.
2.  Wrap the burlap fabric around the foam board.  I used 2 layers of fabric so you couldn't see as much white in the background.  Secure the fabric to the foam board using your staple gun.  Do this around the edges, as the frame will hide the staples.
3.  Find the letters and numbers that you want to use.  I chose "The Clanton Family Est. Oct. 2, 2010" for mine.  I would recommend using a ruler to line up the letters so they do not look crooked (like mine).  Once you have the letter and numbers you want, glue the letters using your hot glue gun.
4.  Fit the foam board into the frame.  On mine, the foam board was large enough that it fit snug inside the frame without need to glue or staple.
5.  Hot glue the flowers onto the frame in whatever pattern you find pleasing.
6.  Staple the grapevine wire to the frame.
7.  Hang and enjoy!

I made the grapevine wire long enough so I can hang a wreath above it at Christmastime :)
 And of course, Thor helped :)

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