Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Wedding

Just some photos from our wedding, all courtesy of McAlister Photography

The bride getting ready and the groom getting ready :)

Monte Sano Lodge and our Mystery Machine (the getaway vehicle)

                                      Our Flower Girls                        Dad, walking me down the aisle

Giving of the bride

                                  Unity sand ceremony                                        The kiss!


Mom dancing back up the aisle, with dad following

My mom, my sister Rebecca, me, Dustin, my brother Mike, and my dad

Dustin's brother Chad, Dustin's mom Kim, me, Dustin, Dustin's dad Robert, and Dustin's sister Jennifer

The ring on my right hand is my mother's wedding band (before dad upgraded her ring)

Heather, Jennifer, Susanne, me, Rebecca, and Jackie

                                                                                   My mom and Dustin's dad or "the future"

Ray, Mike, Grant, Chad, Ryan, Robert, and Dustin

The dining area

Wedding cake

Groom's cake

Dancing with my father

                           Dancing with my new husband                      Tossing the bouquet

Tossing the garter


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