Monday, March 5, 2012

My husband

I'm originally from Missouri and lived a while in the Chicago area.  I've lived most of my life in Alabama now, but it was an adjustment when I first got here.  I love it here.  My husband is an Alabama native, an engineer, a car enthusiast, a family man, and a HUGE Alabama fan.  You know, that college football team that has FOURTEEN national championships!  He is the most amazing man that I know and he really does put up with a lot from me.  Thank goodness I married a man with a lot of patience.

We dated for a couple of months in high school and began dating again in the summer of 2009.  On our 4 month anniversary, Dustin asked me to marry him.  We had an 11 month engagement while the wedding was being planned.

Yep, that is my husband and I back in high school, about to go to my junior homecoming (we actually went to 2 different high schools).  

This is my husband and I shortly before we became engaged in 2009.

This is the night we got engaged, 2009.

Our wedding day:  October 2, 2010.  Photo by McAlister Photography

In Jamaica, part of our Honeymoon Cruise, 2010.

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