Monday, September 9, 2013

Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Hey guys!  Just wanted to show you my latest creation from an Ana White plan!

The original plan does not include a mirror, but my bedroom doesn't have one so I changed it up a bit.
I used the same outline she did, but changed the measurements to accommodate my mirror.  For the earring holder, I used a piece of screen I picked up at the hardware store.  For the ring holder, I used the felt method I found here (via pinterest, of course).  I opted to not have a handle on the front since the cabinet is over 4 feet long and just put a medicine cabinet style magnet on the inside to keep it closed.


  1. What a great project. :) I don't own jewelry, but it gives me an idea for a friend of mine who has a jewelry component to her business. =D Thank you for sharing.

  2. So adding a mirror increased your length dimension right? What did that end up being?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. The mirror is actually glued directly to the wood so my dimensions remained the same.